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DH Reads?

What do I mean by “DH Reads” and how is it different from my blog?

In this part of my site, I use RRCHNM’s PressForward plugin to share online content that I find useful, meaningful, or thought-provoking. I am interested in what decolonizing digital humanities would look like, so I plan to focus on conversations around ethics and activism in DH. I am also interested in broader conversations about humanism in the digital age and the role that digital humanities can play in encouraging critical thinking about digital technologies. DH Reads is a place to find links to new reads on these topics, posted with snippets and sometimes my own commentary. Personal updates and other pieces that I write can be found in the Blog section.

So why am I starting this?

I am spending the summer working for RRCHNM’s Research Division as the site manager and Editor-in-Chief of Digital Humanities Now as well as doing some outreach and other work for PressForward. Although I have experience using PressForward with DHNow, I wanted to start using it on my own site to better understand its features and possible uses, in part to be able to write a blog post for the PressForward site about using the plugin as a graduate student (the blog post is now available here).

As a Digital History Fellow, I spend a good chunk of time during the academic year looking at the aggregated content of DHNow and scouring the web for noteworthy news and posts about digital humanities to discuss at our weekly DH Fellow meetings with RRCHNM’s director, Dr. Robertson. Being Editor-in-Chief of DHNow for most of this summer means doing similar work, searching for and selecting content about digital humanities to publish. For this first year, then, this DH Reads section will be a way to share a selection of the things that I’m already reading and reflecting on for my work at the Center. I am hoping that when the weekly meetings end after the second year of the fellowship that this will be a way to create some accountability for myself so that I continue to keep up with what’s going on in the field of digital humanities.

And just to clarify, while this section of my site is inspired by my work at RRCHNM, it is a personal project, and all opinions are my own. The posts are also not affiliated with or endorsed by the authors of the original posts.

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