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DH Read: “Digital Humanities as Resistance”

Like my own post on a theme that I’d been tracking all year in DHNow, the other first-year DH Fellow, Jessica Dauterive, wrote a post on activism and digital humanities. She’s compiled a number of useful posts on the subject and makes an important argument about the impact the election has had on digital humanities as a field.

From the post:

Not only is DH facing a large-scale crisis over funding and resources (nothing new except for its scale), but, more importantly, over the emergence of a rising tide of fascism and anti-intellectualism. For example, conversations about open access have shifted focus from intellectual goals to political ones. Pedagogical posts are refocusing on ways to not only promote computer literacy, but also how to teach strategies of resistance in the era of misinformation. In this new climate, public engagement, critical studies, and activism are informing each other, and seem to be working to break down the disciplinary boundaries that have divided digital humanities into distinct fields of theory and practice. It is probable that the narrowing of these gaps is part of DH’s natural evolution as a field, but the current administration certainly seems to have sped up the process.

Read the full post here.

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