Suffrage Postcard

DH Read: “The Suffrage Postcard Project: A Replica Archive”

Although the suffragist cat postcard is fantastic, it’s not the only reason this post became an Editors’ Choice piece on Digital Humanities Now. Ana Stevenson draws on Professor Victoria Haskins’ idea of a replica archive. According to Stevenson, “Haskins’ research is concerned with Indigenous domestic servants in Australia and the United States – women whose lives, she rightly notes, are often…

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DH Read: “What do we do about archival violence?”

As a student of Native American history, I am well aware of the ways that the quantification of people, especially by the state, has been used to treat humans like objects, to strip them of humanity. This history is at the root of my discomfort with and skepticism of how digital/computational methods are sometimes used. It was interesting, then, to…

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