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DH Read: “The Rising Stars of the Digital Humanities”

Will Fenton has a piece on Inside Higher Ed that profiles five “rising stars” of the digital humanities. All of them represent the growing inclusivity of the field, which he says can be measured by the “diversity of practitioners, subject area specialization, roles and institutions.” From the piece:

“These scholars demonstrate again and again the promise of digital technologies for exploring the most crucial, critical questions in the humanities,” said Kathleen Fitzpatrick, who until recently was associate executive director and director of scholarly communication at the Modern Language Association.

“Their work asks us to think about the construction of race, gender, class, sexuality and nation through representations and absences in the cultural archive, examining that archive both in close detail and at massive scale, and using new forms of scholarly production and collaboration to draw others into the project as well,” said Fitzpatrick, now director of digital humanities and a professor of English at Michigan State University. “Their work shows the best of the digital humanities: digital and critical, inclusive and connected.”

All of the profiles are worth reading, especially for insight into how DHers are doing humanistic work that is decolonizing, anti-racist, and feminist and how they are pushing the field to grow in positive directions.

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