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Responding to the Technophobes and the Technophiles

For our weekly meetings with Dr. Robertson, the DH fellows each find an interesting new post about digital humanities to share with the group. Over the course of the year, we’re supposed to track some sort of theme or trend. Last year, I focused on posts and projects that work to Indigenize and/or decolonize digital humanities. This year, I’ve followed…

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DH Reads

DH Read: “Teaching Underrepresented Students How to Navigate Higher Ed Via Digital Humanities”

This post on DML Central by Elizabeth Losh features an email interview with Marisa Parham. After describing her earliest experiences with digital media and how those experiences have shaped her as a digital humanist, Parham explains how K-12 educators can use digital humanities to serve the needs of underrepresented students. Specifically, Parham sees DH as a tool for teaching K-12…

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